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Dermandar.comCreating an album on Facebook and cramming it with pictures is the obvious thing to do when you have been to the most incredible place in the world. Still, no matter how many pictures you upload, you know that pictures won’t transmit every single detail about the location and its vastness.


Nothing would, in fact. But there are apps like this one that can let you convey what you saw just that little more vividly.

We could say that Dermandar is a free tool for the creation of panoramic pictures. That is, it will let you take several pictures together and assemble them in 360 degrees. The end result is the closest that still pictures can come to recreating a panoramic view of any location.

Once a panorama is created you can proceed to have it uploaded and shared through the provided Facebook application. Panoramas are likewise accessible through the main page of the site, as each single panoramic picture that has been created can be contemplated on the provided Google Map.

This tool is certainly fast, and the fact that it is totally browser-based give it an added push. The results are also satisfactory, but I will let you judge that for yourself. In Their Own Words

“Dermandar offers a pretty easy way for creating and sharing panoramas in only 3 easy steps.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The beauty of places that we choose to vacation at is seldom conveyed in mere photographs. A service like this one goes some way into bringing our memories more renderable.

Some Questions About

What is the basic number of images that you require in order to assemble a panorama together?

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