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DemandMedia.comDemand Media is a social media company which connects content creators and audiences. It acts as a domain acquisition company, acquiring domains which generate heavy traffic.


Their focus lies in acquiring companies with a specific leaning towards entertainment, lifestyle, outdoors, games, and knowledge among others. They already own a wide range of domains including the domains,,,, and Demand provides user driven publishing, community features and monetization tools for each of its acquisitions. The company is heavily backed, recently raising $100 million. In Their Own Words

“Demand MediaTM is building a different type of new media company.

With a proprietary media platform that powers the company’s highly-trafficked domains and wholly-owned content media properties, Demand Media leverages cutting edge, user-driven publishing, community and monetization tools in its quest to define the next generation of new media companies.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Demand Media is already a highly successful company with Richard Rosenblatt at its helm (the guy who’s known for turning Intermix Media into hugely a profitable company). Demand has a solid start and looks to be acquiring more domains.

Some Questions About

For such a well backed company, the website is rather lackluster.

Author : Siri Marshall

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