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del.ishli.stYou know del.icio.


us, the bookmark storage site extraordinaire that combines your favorite online blogs, articles, news sites, entertainment, and whatever tickles your fancy with social sharing—you like something, why not share the link with friends and family goes the theory. There’s also, of course, the popular Wishlist feature which lets you build a nice little list of things you want from different commerce sites and share the list with friends, family, neighbors, coworkers—anybody who might like you remotely enough to purchase you a gift should the occasion arise. But you’re probably not familiar with, a very similar sounding and very similar appearing site that builds on the Wishlist feature. If you’ve ever wanted to have an easily accessible and manageable wish list, will do. It takes sites you’ve tagged on with the phrase “wishlist” and then displays them on a separate page for easy viewing. There’s no need to sign up and it’s completely free to use. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to! You can’t sign up; we simply mirror bookmarks from, wrapped in better presentation.”

Why It Might Be A Killer is a good option for those wanting a crisp, clean, easily accessible wish list. If you’ve got a account, you’re set to use which requires no sign up.

Some Questions About

Will users be inclined to use as its wishlists are public? Will they like what it has to offer? What about users?

Author : Bruce Turner

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