Declara Finds The Right Content And People For You – Before You Go Searching

I spend a lot of time searching online – for general information, articles, contact details, etc. It’s a huge part of my job as a content creator, and I don’t mind searching. Actually, setting out to find answers excites me, and coming across what I’m after is extremely satisfying. I just wish the process didn’t take so much time.


Allow me to single out Google for a moment, just because it’s such a recognizable search and recommendation engine. Google is an amazing tool. I use it to search hundreds of times a day. I’m so familiar with Google that it’s pretty easy for me to know exactly how the results of my searches will appear. This reliability is part of what makes Google so handy, and also what holds it back from working more efficiently for me.


Not every search is the same. And sorry, Google, your search is still a long way off from understanding my mind, tastes, and behavior. I imagine we’ll remain colleagues for some time, but I’m always on the lookout for tools that might make my work faster and easier, tools that… get me.


Tools like Declara.


Declara landing


Declara is a free web application available on desktop and as a Chrome extension. With Declara you can “discover, curate, and share articles that you enjoy everyday. Declara intelligently connects you to collections, articles, and people so you spend less time searching – and more time engaging.”


Ah! Doesn’t matter if your aim is to learn a new skill or stay up on the latest news on topics of personal interest, Declara will put what you’re after in front of you faster.


Declara works as a content discovery tool that delivers both attractive, maybe even surprising content, in a format that’s easy to digest. Users can also create collections of various forms of content from all across the web and share collections as they like.


Making collections public opens the door to interacting with a community of people who share interests. Basically, you can gather content, consume and discuss content, and have a much richer experience online by using Declara than you would on your own.


Visiting individual sites for the latest stories, hoping to bump into the right people through the likes of Twitter and LinkedIn, keeping things stored all over the place… Who has time for such a mess?


Declara is a smarter way to connect the dots of your online activity in one place. This saves you the time of visiting multiple sites, hunting endlessly, never meeting the right people, and keeps you closer to the heart of what matters most to you.


Learn more about how Declara can unlock knowledge for you at, and find the company on both Facebook and Twitter.


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