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DecisionsForHeroes.comThis is not only quite novel but also very useful. In a nutshell, the Decisions For Heroes website can be compared to an online platform for the management of rescue teams.


Using this site, any team leader can document rescue operations along with every administrative issue whatsoever such as the tracking of qualifications and the recording of attendance.

The best part is that the information that is collected is actually examined and weighed up in a plethora of ways, and trends can be worked out. Useful for discovering any incident or injury pattern and prevent anything bad from happening again.

Last but not least, the site enables the different members of a team to connect with each other through an integrated mailing solution and a set of provided training calendars. Weekly briefings can likewise be taken care of through the site. As you can see, this solution is a comprehensive one, and it serves a very noble purpose. It helps people who help people, and that definitely counts. In Their Own Words

“We’re helping emergency services save more lives by making better decisions. Decisions for Heroes is a collaborative rescue team management tool, that helps record and analyse rescue operations. Instead of archiving information as paperwork, we generate real-time profiles of members, available resources, and experience levels. Decisions for Heroes uses this data to deliver live and intelligent information to the field.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a novel service that makes you wonder why something like it wasn’t devised before, especially bearing in mind the difference such a platform can make.

Some Questions About

What is the best feature of the ones on offer, and the one that would make it stand apart from eventual competitors?

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