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Decing.comNo matter how long you have known each other, when you are part of a team and it comes to casting a decision it is easy to feel at anything but ease. Voting for an option automatically means that you are opposing the other, and there are people who are way too sensitive when it comes to such matters.


These people are the ones that would be thankful if their leaders implemented a voting system such as Decing. The best way to define it is by terming it a free solution that enables members of small teams to vote on any item that calls for consideration without having to disclose who they are, and without even having to register individually. When people vote, they specify the subject and the option they have gone for. (They are appointed as participants first, of course.)

Additionally, participants can vote through Google Wave. That is certainly interesting, and it goes some way into unveiling the intrinsic power that Google Wave has. Of course, it will not make people stop in their tracks but it is quite a healthy start. In Their Own Words

“Decing is a simple and 100% free online service for arranging a Secret and Private vote. The system is designed for small teams which should make a decision without disclosing individual participants’ selections. Our service does not require registration. When creating a new vote you have to specify a subject the text that describes the purpose of voting, option names and the names of participants. Additionally you can set the weights for the participants, provide that options will be the participants – in this case participants cannot vote for themselves, in addition there is a possibility not just to choose one option but participants can distribute a fixed amount of Gems between options.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A system like this one ensures he privacy and secrecy necessary for guaranteeing any voting process will be a pure one.

Some Questions About

In which ways can this service evolve from now?

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