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Decide.comA very powerful shopping platform, Decide launched last week with the aim of revolutionizing how people find the best items that money can buy on the Internet. This web tool basically lets people search for products online, and receive an instant recommendation as far as the best time to buy them goes. That is, anything you look up on this site will come with either a buy now or wait recommendation. Decide uses a proprietary algorithm to determine how prices are going to fluctuate over time, and it makes a recommendation based on that. These predictions are pretty accurate, but just in case all the recommendations that Decide can produce come with a percentage indicating how sure it is that what is predicting is indeed going to play out like that in due time.

Currently, Decide is focused on products such as TVs, computers and cameras. But the service is meant to be expanded well beyond that. You will be able to get recommendations for all kind of products through the site one day. And if there is something that particularly interests you, then you can vote for it to be added as the next category to be featured on the site. In Their Own Words

Online shopping for TVs, computers, cameras & electronics.

Why It Might Be A Killer

With its ability to take into account prices charged at more than 40 different retailers at the same time and evaluate how everything has changed over time, Decide has the power to provide consumers with the best buying tips on the Internet.

Some Questions About

How big can this become? What can make it become massively-adopted?