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DebtEye.comAn Y Combinator startup, DebtEye is a debt counseling platform. That alone would make it specially attractive. I mean, is there a service Americans would be more interested in than that at a time like this? But DebtEye also has the enormous advantage of being implemented in a way that minimizes the risk of human mistakes being made along the way. The company offers extensive credit analyses that are checked and double-checked, and it can devise plans for getting out of debt for just anybody, anywhere. These are tailored to every person’s specific situation, and all the variables that should be taken into consideration for a solution to be truly successful (such as the person’s income, and whether he is all by himself or he has a family to support) are duly accounted for

Registration to the service is fast and painless – none of the information that you are asked to disclose is having a negative impact on your credit card score. And those who create an account while the site is still in beta are actually receiving a free-of-charge credit analysis. In Their Own Words

Break free from debt!

Some Questions About

How much is the company eventually going to charge for carrying out these debt analyses? Will different plans be provided?