Speed From Debt To Financially Fit With Debt Prodigy

Life with debt is miserable. You feel like you’ll never be free. You can’t spend a dime without weighing the costs and feeling guilty. You think you’re stupid and have made stupid choices, no matter if you’ve fallen into debt for very intelligent reasons such as going to college or buying a home.


I can write all this because I’m standing at the rim of a $60,000 hole it’s taken me nearly ten years to claw my way out of. Been there and done that. I know the strains of debt firsthand. I also know that – with the right help – there is hope no matter how much you owe.


Debt Prodigy is a shining example of the kind of tool that can help individuals put debt in the rearview mirror and manage finances more easily. What’s more, if you like the programs offered and refer them to others, you can get paid!


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You start by loading your information into Debt Prodigy – debts, interest rates, debt payments. This helps keep things organized and to gain a clearer picture of total debt. Debt Prodigy then uses this information to determine the quickest way individuals can pay off their debt.


Besides showing ways to rework payments to escape debt in the shortest amount of time possible, the app also offers advice via live chats, forums, and even free one-on-one consultations. No one should feel alone trying to conquer debt. And we could all use a hand with making financial decisions so we can better manage our money.


Psychologically, seeing an estimated payoff date, such as Debt Prodigy shows, provides welcome relief. Even if the payoff date is further out than we’d like, it serves as a good reminder that an end is in sight, that the plan is working. Financial fitness is on the horizon.


Likewise, Debt Prodigy helps in other areas to promote financial wellbeing. You can track your spending and expenses, create and manage a budget, as well as manage financial accounts. It’s easy to forget how each part is connected unless you keep all this information in one place. And, until you’ve been walked through a monthly budget, it’s hard to appreciate how simply paying attention can make a huge difference.


Trust me on this one. You’ll make better purchase decisions, learn to live within your means, and you have an easier time of holding to a strategy for paying down debt as fast as you truly can. I wish I’d had the help of Debt Prodigy to get smart about my financial situation much earlier in my journey toward freedom – and had the extra bucks for referring a good tool!


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