– An Online Debate Community

Debatewise.comIf you’re looking for a place to express your opinion where you won’t be personally attacked by 13-year-olds looking to start fights armed with their chat-room jargon, could be your new haven.

A place for intelligent and polite discussion only, Debatewise is an online forum for people to express and share their opinions about a wide range of topics. Users can sign up (for free) and join an existing debate or create a new one. After joining a debate, users can post their opinion and respond to the posts of others. At the end, vote on the issue to see to what extent the rest of the community agrees or disagrees with you. In Their Own Words

“People express their genius in forums and blogs throughout the internet. The problem is that it’s difficult to collate various opinions into one co-ordinated view and, most importantly, it’s often hard to see how the excellent points one side raises are answered by the other.

That’s why we created Debatewise. We encourage the best minds to collaborate and form the definitive argument for their position, we place their views side-by-side with their opponent’s and we provide voting mechanisms so that everyone can see who’s winning the debate”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Debatewise exudes intelligence. The interface is intelligent, the community is intelligent, and the topics are intelligent. It’s a great method of synchronizing discussion that would otherwise be scattered across a variety of blogs, forums, and personal webpages, and it doesn’t seem like the type of site that would attract any ugly or irrelevant posters.

Some Questions About

Though anyone can participate, some of the topics are only relevant to the UK where the site is based. Will the site expand at any point? The site is in beta mode, so there are a few minor bugs and annoyances. When will a new release come out? Will the site add a social networking aspect? It would be nice to see what the people who respond to your posts are all about.