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DebateMapper.comOrganizing an effective debate or fully understanding a debate can be a difficult task. Many people end up reiterating points or they do not address the main concerns of a debate topic. is a site that helps users compose a thorough debate and it helps users understand and highlight major points of debates they have witnessed by allowing them to create a debate map that clearly outlines and highlights major debate points. Mapping out your debate issues and points is the perfect way to clearly organize your debate. gives you the opportunity to be thorough by giving users examples of debate maps and definitions on the elements in a debate. lets you organize your debate map, by highlighting and defining the core elements, policy elements, and cross-relations. features many examples of professional debate maps that are focused on complexed topic. People who register with the site can edit other debate maps and add comments. is a collaborative site so you can work together to make the perfect map. is a great site for students, government organization and anyone who wants to fully understand a debate. Use clear methods to better understand debates and create your own thorough and clear debates. In Their Own Words

“Debatemapper is a free web-based tool for collaboratively modelling and evaluating debates in politics, public policy and other spheres.

It enables us to gain a full and fair perspective on every point of view in contentious debates, with all positions and arguments articulated concisely in a colour-coded map built on sound argumentation principles, in which every element is editable.

Debatemapper lets everyone with a modern browser build and share debatemaps for free, and clarify, inform, and evaluate all lines of thought, options and actions.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The has an attractive interface. The logo for DebateMapper is clever and attractive. The site is easy to navigate and clearly explains the goal of the site and its features. Having a collaborative system helps to discover new ideas and to help understand to points in the debate. Allowing users to make comments is a great idea and helps promote new thought and relationship among the users. Keeping users p to date with new findings on a debate with the RSS feed is a great way to keep users connected. also gives an example of a map and how users participate by commenting and evaluating the debate and the map. The site is clear and has straight forward instructions on how you become involved.

Some Questions About could have mapping challenges and have users vote for the best debate map. Contests and challenges are a great way of getting community members involved. The best debate maps should be featured on the homepage so that users get a good idea of what a good debate map looks like.

Author : Charly Zaks

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