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DearFamilyAndFriends.comDear Family And Friends is a new site aiming to become the spot in which users can share important events both with members of their families and with friends. The idea is to provide everybody with a context in which truly special occasions receive a sort of “privileged” space on the WWW.

The site is free to use, and it has been created in a way that would turn it accessible to users of all ages and web expertise. The process whereby an announcement is added is as easy as creating an account and then uploading the relevant media. Once the media is uploaded you can proceed to rearrange it in the way that will fit the occasion best. The announcement will finally be published so that you can share it with family, friends and absolutely any person that you want.

Of course, sites such as Facebook already have full support for events. But the aim of this site is to give you an independent platform of sorts that can be accessed without necessitating joining a network first

For the time being, this service is available in English only. Support for foreign languages will be catered for in a future update. In Their Own Words

“Let the world know.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you want to publicize any event or mark down any particular family milestone, a site such as this one can turn out to be very helpful indeed.

Some Questions About

Will the site always remain a free one?