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DealzFull.comEverybody knows that Twitter is an endless source of good deals and promotions. The thing is actually catching them as they come – the speed at which the stream of tweets advances can make this outright impossible.


Well, that is why sites such as Dealz Full are around – to highlight the best deals which have surfaced on the Twitterverse recently.

In this particular case, the site carries out a semantic search in order to tell the best deals that have been published form the ones that are not much cop. What’s more, it can provide you with deals in your close vicinity. It’s no good learning that the item you have been chasing for the best part of a fortnight is available only in Timbuktu. As a matter of fact, that’s highly aggravating. So, it’s a good thing that information of such nature is kept from being displayed – the first thing you will do when using Dealz Full is to specify exactly where you are located in order to prevent that from happening.

And note that you can also see the most popular deals of the day only. Simply click on the relevant tab in order to have that information displayed. In Their Own Words

“Get a bargain now at Twitter speed.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site makes for finding the best bargains that have surfaced on Twitter in a truly relevant way.

Some Questions About

Will more cities be supported later on?

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