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DealWonders.comDeal Wonders is a new website that offers users a chance to buy these products they have always wanted in a different setting. The site employs a pay-per-bid Dutch auction model, with a twist of its own: the price of the product is actually hidden from the public.

It costs 60 cents to see the price and every time the price is shown the price goes down by 40 cents.

The whole system is based on credits that you can buy and use in order to reveal the current price of any item.

When it comes to the actual categories which are supported, these include electronics and appliances of every denomination (cameras, cellphones, iPods…) as well as accessories like watches and sunglasses. Of course, categories like “Home & Garden”

and “Health & fitness” are likewise featured.

On the whole, the site makes the process of saving money a very simple and also enjoyable one. It is not that inaccurate to compare the dynamic of the site with that of a game, the one difference being that the one prize or reward is the chance of getting an item in the real world at a saving that can amount to as much as 40 %. In Their Own Words

“A new way of shopping, prices go down by the click.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The concept is refreshing, and the whole site is risk-free.

Some Questions About

Which categories could be added to the already existing ones?