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Dealtoplay.comHoping to capitalize on the explosive popularity of both poker and social networks, DealtoPlay has created an interesting mix of the two. You can’t play poker or other casino games on DealtoPlay although links to the top online gaming sites are displayed on the left side of the page.


What you can do on this site is meet and chat with other casino players from around the world, trade advice, and learn about tournaments as soon as they are announced. The site also has an area that they call Gambling School where you can check out visual tutorials on games like Poker, Texas Holdem and Blackjack. The site is entirely free and just requires that you register with a valid email address to start networking with gamblers around the world. In Their Own Words

“Online Casino and Poker player Social Network! We welcome players worldwide to join our growing network of gamers. Chat with other casino enthusiasts, poker players. Trade advice, learn about tournaments and much more. Join now, the site is 100% free and always will be.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

DealtoPlay have taken two very popular spaces and melded them together. This could become a popular social network for all things casino related.

Some Questions About

Have they considered adding online poker and casino games directly to the site? This would probably help them to generate more traffic and encourage more people to join social network as well.

Author : Caroline Bright

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