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DealShrink.comIt’s one thing shopping for bargains for yourself, and it’s another shopping for bargains for all of your friends. But that’s what Christmas shopping is all about, isn’t it? Trying to get the best deals for all your pals and acquaintances, even if it takes you more time than you really seem to have. Seeing the smiles in their faces afterwards is going to make everything worthwhile.

Still, I’m sure you’d take a little help if it came your way. And that’s exactly what this new site is all about: letting you do your shopping more easily. Deal Shrink can find the best bargains money can buy, and then mail them to you.

All you have to do is to fill in a short form in which you’ll get to detail what you want to buy, and submit it along with your email address. You can be as specific as you want when filling that form in. And you can also mark any product as urgent, so can help you find gifts even when you’re in a hurry. Three degrees of priority are actually available for you to choose: “Very urgent”, “Semi-urgent” and “Take your time”. In Their Own Words

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