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DealCurrent.comMake no mistake, this has been the year of daily deal websites and aggregators. The Google – Groupon acquisition is going to be defined for good in just a couple of hours, and all eyes are going to be looking if only because it will be an acquisition well up north of every other carried out so far by the search giant.

What better time, then, to launch a service that lets you come up with your very own aggregator of deals? Exactly. And that is what Deal Current stands for. It is a platform letting anybody develop and implement a daily deals program. The idea is that you can focus on the marketing and the scheduling of deals, whereas Deal Current takes care of the technical bits. There is nothing for you to worry about – no in-house technology, no customer service support, and no accounting operations to be handled.

In this way, a revenue stream can be built and implemented with a minimum of fuss. You will be able to have your pick from the wares offered by more than 50 different retailers. Finding something appealing to the public you usually reach out for is going to be anything but difficult. In Their Own Words

Deal Current is a daily deal software and marketing product aimed at helping media and entrepreneurs looking to create a successful business or add a new revenue stream to an existing one.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It gives everybody a great chance to become a part of the current ecommerce scene – a scene that bristles like never before.

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