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DeadlineApp.comIf remembering things is not exactly something you do with flying colors, a visit to this new site might just be of help. Broadly speaking, this online resource can be compared with an online calendar that takes automatic care of setting up reminders for you.

These reminders are sent in the manner you specify beforehand. Some available options include e-mail and instant messaging.

Of course, once you have entered any event you can modify it later on and also erase it altogether, browsing either by words or by dates. Moreover, the Deadline interface can be customized with background images and color schemes that reflect your personality in order to make everything stand as familiar as possible.

An aspect that is important to point out is that a mobile version of Deadline is already available, and those on the go can access it by locating their browsers at SMS support is not fully implemented yet, but the team is working on that. Watch this space for future developments. In Their Own Words

“Deadline is the simplest calendar ever made. You write in plain English, and it will set up a reminder for you. Once your appointments have been entered, you can quickly search through them based on words or dates.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who have a bit of difficulty getting things done because they forget easily can turn things around this way.

Some Questions About

Is this solution wholly web-based, or do you have to download anything?

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