[Pick Of The Crowd] Dead Stock Creations Breathes New Life Into Environmentally Conscious Clothing

The recent record-breaking storm in the Philippines is evidence of just how messed up our world climate has become. With changing weather patterns, melting ice caps, and rising oceans, we’re bound to see the number of disasters increase every year and, to be honest, I’m not entirely convinced we can do anything about it.


That’s my cynical side talking. My optimistic side says that if we all take steps to change our daily lives, maybe we can at least slow down this runaway train, if not stop it completely. With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to Dead Stock Creations for this week’s Pick of the Crowd.




WTF is dead stock?

Let’s start with a mini-vocabulary lesson. “Dead stock” refers to fabric that clothing factories produce to make their clothes but end up not using. That fabric sits in the factories until the factory gets tired of storing it and then they burn it all up.


That means that factories are using huge amounts of natural resources to create fabrics that are never actually used in production. These high quality fabrics are not only wasted but are actually contributing to global climate change when they burn and release all kinds of nasty carbons and chemicals into the atmosphere.




So what is Dead Stock Creations doing about it?

Dead Stock Creations takes those premium dead stock fabrics and works with factories that follow sustainable practices to create high quality clothing that has a minimum impact on the environment.


Think about it. Most cheap clothing is cheap because it’s made from crappy fabric. You probably don’t want to buy stuff made from crappy fabric that’s going to fall apart in a couple of months, forcing you to buy more stuff made from crappy fabric, do you? Wouldn’t you rather be able to afford the nice stuff, made from super soft cottons and diaphanous silks?


Hell, I definitely would.

Dead Stock Creations marries two things that are very dear to my heart – environmentally conscious living and beautiful fashion – that don’t often meet up. How common is it to feel guilty for buying a beautiful dress, knowing that it was made with slave labor, is jacked up with chemicals, and that the amount of natural resources it took to produce it were astronomical?


Not anymore, if this awesome project gets funded!

Their first completed project is the Cone T-Shirt, which is made form unused quality yarn from premium clothing brands. They’ve knitted it together to create something simple, yet beautiful; a low-impact, comfortable, basic tee.


tshirt edit


Their next pieces fit into that simple, clean, classic aesthetic that is so perfectly exemplified by a well-made t-shirt. There are plans for a bomber jacket, chinos, a hoody (looking at you, startup founders), two different formal shirts, jeans, and parkas.


Don’t you want to see them become realities? Head over to Kickstarter and give them a few dollars.



Dead Stock Creations takes high end fabrics that would have been burned and creates simple, classic, beautiful clothing using sustainable practices. Donating to their Kickstarter campaign will give you all of the feels times two, as you’re helping the environment and helping someone’s dream come true.


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