search cancel – One Widget Fits All to up your web profile? Try ShowYourself, the new web widget designed to make you famous. It’s a free little utility that lets you combine all your web profiles, including Facebook, Flickr, Bebo, MySpace, Digg, Twitter, YouTube, et al, onto one place.


It’s one widget that works for blogs, social networking sites, mobile apps and basically, anywhere on the web. Everything is fully customizable. You can host the images, or they can or you can even choose WordPress to host. Putting up your profile is easy. Simply fill in your name in the yellow header, then go through all the sites you belong to and type in your user name for each of these sites. Some require more info than others, but once you’re all filled out, ShowYourself does the work for you. It’s very straightforward and easy to use so don’t be frightened to try it. In Their Own Words

“ShowYourself is a simple to make, easy, free and fun utility to help establish your identity across the web. Have a Flickr account and a Facebook and AIM? Combine all your profiles on the web into one attractive widget that you can put on your blog, your myspace or anywhere on the web.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

ShowYourself proves to be a highly useful widget that streamlines the process of getting yourself recognized across the web. It’s not hard to use and requires no more work than typing in your various screen names.

Some Questions About

Is ShowYourself something people will be interested in? Or will they stick with alternatives?Why aren’t there more defaults like Bebo or Xanga?


Author : Bruce Turner

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