– A Mixture of Elance and Craigslist

DayLo.comAt you can search to find local services or post your services for locals.

As of now the website is nationwide, but is planning to go global shortly. The site really functions the way that Craiglist does but it is far more professional looking and pleasing to the eye than Craigslist is. Has anybody else noticed how primitive the design is for Craigslist? The search features are a bit more sophisticated than Craigslist as well and is more in depth about the people providing the services, there are pictures included and all. The site only offers services for work, there are no goods being sold. However it looks like the site is going to have quite a bit of adult erotic services which seem innapropriate and would have been a great differentiator from Craigslist had they not included it. In Their Own Words

Daylo is a free website enabling people with an easy and accountable way to provide and find all kinds of skills, services, trades and talents.

Daylo connects people with skills to people who need them. If you need someone to provide a specific service, you can look for them on Daylo. And if you’re a skilled person seeking new clients, Daylo matches them to you.

Right now it’s for everyone in the US and will soon be released globally.

For an example of how Daylo works, why not take the quick tour? »?
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Why It Might Be A Killer

DayLo could be big because it is so simple to use and much more pleasing to the eye than its competitors. When you enter it appears to be very professional.

Some Questions About

Even if DayLo is better looking and easier to navigate, is that really enough to lure people away from the super-popular well-known across the world web site ?