Dather.com – Create A Scrapbook For Your Event

Dather.comAfter working hard on an event for weeks and weeks on end, it would only make sense to do something and try to keep attendees talking about it for as long as possible. And that’s something this social media application makes easy. Dather lets you build a crowdsourced multi-media scrapbook, chronicling the event from start to finish. Photos and videos can be added, and people can talk about the whole experience. They can praise the food that was served, they can laugh over those who were dressed cataclysmically bad, they can reminisce about that guy who fell into the pool… in short: they can talk about all that’s made the event one to relive time after time. And they can do it somewhere other people will get to see it. If you mean to make the event a regular one, you could hardly ask for some better promotion. Nothing draws people to an event more than the buzz generated by the ones who have already been there.

There’s three different ways in which you can actually use Dather. In addition to embedding a widget into your site and using a Facebook app, you’re given the option to build a micro-site for promoting everything. In all cases, you’ll get a timeline showing visitors all that went down at your event, and they’ll be able to share what they see with all of their social graphs at once.

Dather.com In Their Own Words

Social media marketing application for events.

Some Questions About Dather.com

How long can a site like this one be effective? How much time must you put into it to see some real results? Dather.com