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DatesNearMe.comCome to think of it, the low number of services like Dates Near Me is quite surprising. I mean, is there a readier-made context for online dating than one which takes location into account? One is left wondering that after having tried this mobile app. Available for iOS and Android, it lets anybody find (and flirt) with singles who are right around the corner. And it lets everybody do that for free – users of Dates Near Me can use the full list of features at no cost. These include being able to find singles using either a map or a view list, send live messages, wink at people, add the prettiest users to a hot list… in short: all that you could ever need not just to find suitable singles, but also to engage them in a truly fruitful way.

And in addition to letting you find dates and romantic relationships, Dates Near Me makes for starting friendships. Of course, that is not the primary objective of the site. The idea of Dates Near Me is to let anybody know and mingle with the hottest singles where it lives. And it is an aim it certainly achieves – get the app and you will see it. Remember, it costs nothing. In Their Own Words

Location based mobile dating.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you find singles to hang out with wherever you are, and whenever you want too.

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Will other mobiles ever be supported?