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DateMyFamily.comIt comes as a bit of a surprise that notwithstanding how many dating websites there are available, we are yet to see one which caters 100% to broken families. And the demand is right there – it’s estimated that there are at least 50 million such families in the US alone. It makes only too much sense, then, that services like the one being reviewed right now will come along and try to claim at least a share of that seriously untapped niche. is a family-oriented dating site and social network. It’s free to join and use, and it’s open to just any parent who is trying to make his life whole after having divorced, or after having lost his significant one in an accident or under any other unfortunate circumstances. This site is letting him date people who are looking exactly for the same, and who have the same values he has. And is letting him do that for free, too. Unlike the vast majority of dating sites available elsewhere, this one is completely free to use.

And is Facebook-connected, too, so those who are a bit reluctant to create an account for each and every service they come across online will have nothing to worry about here. In Their Own Words

World’s first free family-oriented dating and social networking website.

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Will the site always remain free to use? What does that depend upon?