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Let’s call her Mona. I went on a couple of dates with Mona that I thought went very well. Easy conversation, a lot of common ground uncovered, and mutual interest expressed in seeing one another again… I left a message to make arrangements with Mona for a third date and never heard from her again.


I learned later that this kind of scenario is common for New York City, where I’d met Mona, though I don’t pretend to have ever come to understand such behavior. Nor have I ever fully let go of the mysterious sting of Mona’s vanishing.


Dateable is a new dating website that encourages daters to do the exact opposite of Mona – to leave lots of feedback, so that everyone becomes much smarter about dating.


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Dating is hard. No one needs confusion added to the plentiful anxieties that come with trying to get to know someone knew, finding romance, and making yourself vulnerable by sharing your inner, truest self.


Dateable relies on feedback to drive matches. Feedback you give helps the startup to better recommend potential matches, feedback from matches helps individuals learn what worked or where things went wrong. Feedback from the community at large fosters a pool of serious-minded daters who treat one another respectfully and save one another from wasting time on those who don’t deserve it.


Vetting the identity of users and robust feedback gives participants on the dating site the assurance that they’re communicating with real (in several senses of the word) people. For those leery of social media and online dating – or who dread being misled by a catfish – the Dateable community may be more to your liking.


Dateable offers “Recommended Matches,” and also lets users sort “Pending Matches” and “Active Matches,” with the flexibility to “Accept” or “Close” matches at any time. This might not sound sexy, but it’s a thoughtful system for allowing users to control interactions at his or her own speed, and according to shifting interests and comfort levels.


If swiping through hundreds of profiles in seconds, dealing in winks and pokes, isn’t your style, check out Dateable for a more personal approach to online dating. Taking advantage of data to find a match is smart. Combining data with the intelligent feedback of people even smarter.


Join in Dateable’s San Francisco launch now. Visit for more details.


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