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Datamash.usDatamash lets you mash together data and it’s a directory of connected things. Using it, you can link text and data between documents and applications—thus when data in one link changes, the locations to which it is linked are also updated.


Data is linked via wraps—these can be embedded into any application or accessed from a personal directory. Users turn documents—spreadsheets, web pages, widgets etc.—into wraps which can then be accessed from your laptop, smartphone or cellphone. Once you’ve created a wrap, all your data will be linked—all your documents will always contain fresh, up to date info and you needn’t change anything. It’s basically a sophisticated cut and paste for everyday users. In Their Own Words

“Datamash lets you make live data connections between documents, web sites, blogs and other applications. Datamash wraps them together.
Choose from many ready-to-use wrap templates or create one from scratch, link it with your data and publish to a website or blog in minutes. It’s free, easy to use, and the results are amazing.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Datamash gives mainstream users a novel way to update and refresh documents. It allows for collaborative editing of documents such as spreadsheets or texts.

Some Questions About

Not sure if typical users will know what to do with this. The initial description is rather confusing. If it’s directed at the not so tech crowd, there needs to be more concrete examples of how this works.

Author : Siri Marshall

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