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DataMarketplace.comThere are marketplaces of every denomination. There is no such as thing as a negligible asset in today’s world.


And this site is a clear reminder of that. Here, you can buy and sell data. For example, you can procure lists of store locations, menu items, average costs, popularity by geography and time period of any star or celebrity… the idea is that you simply place a request and then those who are in a position of providing the kind of information that you are after will get in touch with you in order for a price to be negotiated.

Alternatively, if you have collected some data that you think others would like to buy you can proceed to list it on the site. In that way, if others carry out a search they will come across your ad and (provided the price that you had specified is a alright by them) contact you directly in order to carry the transaction to completion.

There is not really a lot more to add. As you can clearly see, the way this marketplace operates does not differ from any other in the slightest. You will be able to start buying and selling within minutes if the concept described above sounded good to you. In Their Own Words

“Data Marketplace makes it easy for people to find, buy and sell data online.

Most data must be aggregated, cleaned, and analyzed to extract useful information. It doesn’t make sense that the same person should do all of these things. Data Marketplace connects people who need data with people who are good at collecting, cleaning, and analyzing it.

People request data that they need. Providers upload data to Data Marketplace, provide descriptive metadata, and set a price. Stored metadata is used to help consumers find relevant data through traditional search engines and when browsing the marketplace.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There is a true niche for something like this – alter all, nobody else is providing the same service.

Some Questions About

Can you pay for your listing to be featured more prominently than others on the site?

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