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DataLightProject.comCreated by two self-defined “data geeks”, this application came about because they believed that people would use statistics more if only statistics software was not as unfriendly as Doctor Gregory House when he hasn’t taken his Vicodin for three days.


This application is aimed both at experienced analysts and those who are just beginning to grasp such concepts.

It employs a new Microsoft technology that goes by the name of Silverlight that turns it into a tool which can be virtually run on any browser and any computer.

Some available features include crosstable analysis, chi-square tests and descriptive statistics in order find relationship in data. You can also figure out how accurate you were by testing hypotheses using the resulting data.

The site includes comprehensive information as regards pricing, and a free trial is included for you to see if it delivers or not. In any case, remember that this new service is still in beta so bear with the programmers and do not write it off if something is where it shouldn’t. In Their Own Words

“The DataLight project was created by two data geeks who realised that more people would use statistics if statistics software was easier to use.

The two geeks had long understood the power of statistical analysis and hypothesized that an online, easy-to-use and affordable application might just be a hit with both experienced analysts and those just beginning to learn.

So the two geeks created the DataLight Project: an online statistical analysis application available to almost everyone with a computer and some data.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such an application turns statistics into something approachable and accessible to everybody.

Some Questions About

How much does this cost? When is the next major update scheduled for?

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