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Databasejournal.comFeaturing extensive data on MS SQL, Oracle, MS Access, MySQL, DB2 and more, this e-library aims to gather technical literature for other database professionals, and as a norm will not publish articles that have less than three instalments, which in turn means that you only get information from issues that have been deeply researched and worked on, and not just bits and pieces which you would probably could read from the users’ manual. It’s easy-to-browse approach allows to conduct search based on the following parameters: database, author name, series title and article title.

Also, the page features a resources area, where you will be able to find SQL Scripts and reviews on products and software form what clearly is a very reliable source. In Their Own Words

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Why It Might Be A Killer

Powered with a permanently updated forum, this site is a great marketplace of knowledge and new ideas for database pros, plus it has a jobs section where you are sure to find a job that will take advantage of your tech savvy. And it is also a spectacular showcase for advertisers: Microsoft, IBM, Sprint, Hp and the like seem to think so too

Some Questions About

However strange that might seem,’s design proposal is overall quite dull, very much on the white background, blue Verdana type and links side. Will they consider interdisciplinary tasking and call in a webdesigner to give the site a face wash?