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DareMyCompany.comThis new resource plays out a very specific role: letting firms challenge each other and square up both virtually and in the real world. This way, the most daring company in any city can be found.


The site features a ranking to these ends, and you can see your firm going through the ladder as competitions unfold. The ladder showcases the total number of matches played and the number of successes and defeats, as well as those matches that ended up in a draw.

Moreover, the main page spotlights the most recent results, so that you can see what other companies are up to in a very direct way. A “Upcoming Challenges” link is also provided to these purposes.

At the end of the day, the aim of a website such as this one is to encourage healthy interaction among firms in any given geographical region. If you feel like taking your employees out and fostering team spirit, a visit to this site might just be what you need. In Their Own Words

“Find out who is the most DARING company in your city.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a supple way of strengthening bonds within your company, and creating a context where co-workers can learn more about themselves.

Some Questions About

What sports are featured so far? Which others are going to be eventually added?

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