Danheller.com – Buy prints & learn to take photos

Danheller.comWith 450,000+ images in stock, this site is the homepage for professional photographer Dan Heller and it features pictures from around the globe which you can licence for commercial use, or buy in several size prints. There are also several books published by this author on sale on the site which can be useful guides to learning how to take traditional or digital photos, or how to start a photography business, so it can be very interesting for a large audience.

Plus the site also includes a section where you can buy pre-owned photography equipment at reduced rates.

Danheller.com In Their Own Words

“Don’t tell me, I know. You like taking pictures. A lot. Admit it. Oh, it starts innocently enough, you say. A few snapshots here and there—parties, social occasions and the like. A social photographer, you claim. Right. But it’s not enough. You start taking pictures first thing in the morning, late into the night, and sometimes even at work! The habit just has to be fed, so much that you foolishly want to quit your job and do it all the time. Perhaps you rationalize, “maybe I can just get a little income from it. That won’t hurt, will it?” Before you know it, you’re going to photography meetings, confessing your weakness for that great new digital camera. There you are, in the dark, with all the others just like you, showing slides, listening to stories on how someone took pictures on a safari or in Hawaii. And then, , someone announces they just sold a picture to a magazine. (A hush befalls the audience.)”

Why Danheller.com It Might Be A Killer

Danheller.com’s extensive information and stock make it a great place to shop or to get the basic information on photography, and of course the pictures are great, and reasonably priced too.

Some Questions About Danheller.com

This site’s design is a bit poor, plus the huge amount of Google ads can be a bit misleading when trying to browse through the page. Seeing that Mr. Heller is a pro at taking photos, it seems like he could get substantial benefit from a graphic designer to revamp it a bit. Unlike other photo archives, the search engine does not allow you to search for concept, rather by title, which can get you to loose quite a bit of time, browsing through all of them in order to get what you are looking for. Danheller.com