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Dandelife.comHoping to be the Kodak of the 21st Century, Dandelife aims to expand the social networking genre by focusing on people”s life stories. The profiles are a place to collect, share and record memories through photos, text, videos and links to blog posts or favorite movies, etc.

The site creates an easy-to-follow timeline for each profile and creates ample space for comments from friends and family. Dandelife seems to be like myspace and blogger mixed into one; you write stories like a blog, but you have easier access to other “bloggers” on the site and can therefore enjoy each other”s stories and profiles. In Their Own Words

Dandelife is a social biography network. What”s that? Well you all know what a social network is. Dandelife is a social network built around the telling of your life”s stories. You can use Dandelife to create your own personal biography and then share that with the rest of the world. Imagine all your own notes on all the people you”ve met, the places you”ve been, the events you”ve gone to and the stories you could tell about them all. That”s your Dandelife. To get you started you may want to see the co-founder Kelly Abbott”s Dandelife since he”s got a good start:

Why It Might Be A Killer

It seems like a more grown up and sophisticated version of MySpace, with the fun purpose of building and recording your life story.

Some Questions About

Are they going to find sponsorships for revenue instead of just seemingly relying on AdSense? Can they convert some of their video downloads into text demos for more accessibility?

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