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Danda Gives Everyone The Chance To Become A Fine Art Collector

The Internet tends to favor what’s shiny and new. Well, our culture is quite fixated in general on youth and all that’s the latest. Most objects and news have the shelf life of an avocado sliced open, meant for fast and immediate consumption.


Which perhaps makes antiques, collectibles, and singular works of art more attractive than ever before. Horde all the apps you like onto your mobile device, but the bird in us all still wants an array of interesting objects nearby to feel at home in our nests. The human in us, wants to be surrounded by creativity in order to be amazed and inspired.


All of which is a fancy way of saying that the timing is right for startup Danda Multimedia Productions, an online marketplace of original, vintage artwork and antiques at an affordable price. Danda sells classic artworks from known and unknown artists. They have a collection of museum-quality art for gazing at and for buying. In addition to merchandise, they also have a nonprofit publishing arm of the business that creates eBooks, audiobooks and video books of rare, illustrated editions of classics.


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High culture made accessible through the preferred medium of our age. Bravo. Umm, we all know how easy it is to scan movies on Netflix for hours, looking at mere tiny posters, for Pete’s sake. Indulge you imagination for a moment and have a look at all the art on Danda. You could practically become a painting scholar just by skimming the Danda gallery of works belonging to different movements – Modernism, Fauvism, Expressionism, Impressionism, works from the early 1800s and 1900s as well as contemporary art – to call out just a few.


The makers behind Danda spent over 20 years collecting treasures throughout Europe, which they are now offering to the world (at flat rate shipping). Designers have turned the world online into beautiful spaces, but we still love to pry our eyes away from the glowing screens and behold static, compelling images. Danda puts the art more often found on museum walls or at auction halls into the hands of the average art lover.


You may not admit it to yourself, but it’s good for the spirit to have objects on hand that are old and well crafted and unique. After all, that’s how were all going to end up sooner or later, and it behooves us to remember that with age comes luster.


Find amazing artists and art at You can still keep your SIM cards. Look around, nothing says tech smart quite like turning online to score one of a kind paintings, drawings, sculptures, books and more.


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Author : Roger Hollings

Born and bred in Maine, Roger is one of the longest-standing writers for A translator by trade, he is passionate about art in all its forms. He enjoys both classic and contemporary literature, nature photography and music from both sides of the Atlantic. Fascinated by technology from an early age, he has always explored the ways in which computers let people articulate their thoughts and communicate better with the world at large.

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