Danalcorp.com – Bill to Mobile: Pay by Phone

Danalcorp.comDo you want to buy things on the Internet? Would you like to pay with your cellphone bill? If that is the case, you might be interested in entering this website. Danalcorp.com offers a platform that lets you buy things with your cell and charge it on your monthly cellphone bill.

Therefore, using Danal ypu will not need to use any credit or debit card to buy products online. What is more, you can also make online transactions and buy products using mobile Internet or by sending SMS messages. Notice that using this payment method you can buy products at almost any online store.

Would you like to buy products with your mobile phone and pay with your cellphone bill? Then, Danalcorp.com might be a good option to consider. This website offers a platform that lets you charge whatever you buy on the Internet to your monthly cell phone bill.

Danalcorp.com In Their Own Words

“Danal’s service is called BilltoMobile™, and it allows consumers to charge almost anything they purchase at online websites to their mobile phone bills quickly & securely, without having to go through any time-consuming signups. As long as the consumer owns a mobile phone that can receive text messages, the person can transact using Danal’s BilltoMobile™ service. Incredibly, each transaction takes just seconds to complete and is many times faster & more secure than credit cards and other payment solutions. Simply put, you just charge your online transactions to your mobile phone bill and pay for them when you get your monthly statement.”

Why Danalcorp.com It Might Be A Killer

Danal’s mobile bill payment service makes online payments a lot easier. No one likes filling out credit card registration forms—it’s tedious, time consuming and potentially dangerous. With Danal you just need your phone; for younger people who haven’t got a credit card, Danal is the perfect way to go.

Some Questions About Danalcorp.com

Danal is hardly new or unique. Other services also offer debit cards and payments for offline purchases. Danal is strictly limited to online payments. Plus online merchants will need to opt in to the service so that consumers can sue it. Kids with cell phones could rack up huge bills which their parents won’t be happy to see. Danalcorp.com