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DamnTheRadio.comMusicians today have got it made. That is the impression you are left with after checking sites like Damn The Radio, at least. It is a platform that lets just any band have its own Facebook page, and communicate with fans without restrictions of any kind.


The actual process in which a page is built is key to the appeal of Damn The Radio, as a really practical CMS lets the user upload images, video and audio and have it all placed right where he wants. And if he wants to have it removed or updated afterwards, then that can also be done really easily.

And a premium incarnation of the service lets musicians give away content such as exclusive or rare tracks in exchange for the emails and phone numbers of fans. Also, this premium edition comes with full analytics for tracking who the most influential fans are, and giving them even more encouragement and reasons for standing by the band. In Their Own Words

Social media tools for bands and brands.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The creation of professional-looking fan pages is simplified to no end through such a service.

Some Questions About

In which other ways are premium accounts advantageous?

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