DailyStrength.org – Health and Wellness

DailyStrength.orgDailyStrength could be described as a MySpace but for those suffering from a range of psychological and physical maladies. At DailyStrength, those who need help, support, or advice can register for free, and get the encouragement and friendship they need.

With over 500 different support groups DailyStrength is one of the most comprehensive health support groups on the web today. Members are encouraged to keep a wellness journal to share their challenges with others; they can email hugs to each other and get professional advice to aid in their healing.

DailyStrength.org In Their Own Words

“Most everyone has a serious personal challenge themselves or has someone close to them that does. DailyStrength is a collection of safe, anonymous, online support groups focused on over 500 specific challenges to help people overcome their personal challenge or support a loved one through theirs.

Why DailyStrength.org It Might Be A Killer

Founded by the former Yahoo employee, Doug Hirsch, who had a hand in, among others, Facebook, Yahoo Personals, Yahoo Groups and Geocities, DailyStrength, is backed by a very experienced bunch. There´s a medical advisory board with doctors contributing advice, there´s a marriage counselor, a bereavement counselor and much more. DailyStrength provides exhaustive coverage of issues and it provides people with support, which can be vital to getting over life´s tougher problems.

Some Questions About DailyStrength.org

DailyStrength does not claim to provide diagnoses or cures, yet might people use it as a sort of pharmacopoeia? Will people use the site instead of seeking real world professional help? DailyStrength.org