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DailyMoot.comDaily Moot is a brand new site that wants to give emerging journalists a chance to showcase their work. Nine different categories are already featured, and these include “News”, “Sports”, “Entertainment” and “Business”.

The most recent content within these categories is highlighted on the main page, and you can also have a quick look at the content that is more popular. In addition to that, the site has a section devoted to newsflashes that will let you stay updated on different developments right as they come along.

The website itself operates under Creative Commons, meaning that the users can write, share or copy the news that are found there without having to start emailing this or the other person to ensure that will be alright.

The eventual aim of Daily Moot is to stand as a platform where news are not only read by people but also written by them. It likewise intends to act as a spot in which the revenue that is generated via traditional advertising is shared among site users. It is not a bad concept, and although it really has a lot of way to go I think it has started the journey on the right foot. In Their Own Words

“The news source you write, share and copy.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Journalism is as hard as any other industry when it comes to taking your first steps. Sites such as this one make the whole process more accessible.

Some Questions About

Will room for more languages be eventually made?

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