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DailyMe.comDailyMe is a provider and platform of personalized news, entertainment, sports and information as well as a growing online community of users who share and interact with the news, blogs, columns and stories that interest them. Users select their content from categories, keywords, sources and/or profiles, and choose a delivery method, web, email, automatic printing, and schedule that work best for them.

DailyMe features a wide range of real time content imported from thousands of sources, including licensed, syndicated and user-generated content. The DailyMe product evolved from the recent shifts observed in media consumption, empowering consumers with choice, control, and customization.

DailyMe.com In Their Own Words

“DailyMe covers a wide range of content from world news to wedding planning, and everything in between. Our content is updated in real time from thousands of sources including licensed content, syndicated content and user-generated content.”

Why DailyMe.com It Might Be A Killer

This service allows you to define the news that matter to you — by selecting from categories, keywords, sources and more — and have it delivered fresh, whenever you want. You can also pick your preferred delivery method: web, email or direct to your printer (using a light desktop application they developed that prints DailyMe automatically at any time of your choosing, currently in testing). There are a variety of community features to enjoy that will be rolled out in the near future. Throughout the day, they access thousands of news sources, both professional and user-generated, so there will always be great stories to read. And, unlike many other web-based news products, which rely solely on RSS feeds, you never have to leave the service to see the content. That’s because DailyMe’s content is licensed.

Some Questions About DailyMe.com

Where does the DailyMe news and information come from? What platforms support DailyMe? DailyMe.com