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DailyFill.comDailyFill is a new online resource that is solely devoted to gossip and celebrity news. The site includes the latest photos and stories as regards the most sought-after music, TV and silver screen personalities as of late, such as Miley Cyrus, Angelina Jolie and Kanye West.

The website itself is split into sections such as “(Paparazzi) GumGum”, “(Urban) Media Takeout” and “(Sexy) Egostatic”. Further sections that could be mentioned include “(Pagesix) NY Spot” and “(Entertainment) Gossip Girls”. As you can see, all these sections go by unequivocal names, so that you will have no trouble finding your way across the site.

As it is the norm, social sharing is made possible by following the MySpace and Twitter links provided, whereas a “Make This My Homepage” is included for those who take a true liking to the site.

Usual goodies such as a newsletter and a blog are also included for further reading, and it goes without saying that if you found the tone and style of this new online publication suitable you are advised to give these a look as well. In Their Own Words

“Get your daily fill.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Celebrity-related information has always been a potential goldmine, and resources such as this one are known to do very well.

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How often is the site updated?

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