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DailyDigital.comAnd the barriers keeping creative people from selling their own content online keep on being taken down one by one. Daily Digital is a new platform that enables just anybody to create an online store of his very own, and list all his original content for sale right there. That can be anything from images, videos, documents and even fully-fledged applications. These digital storefronts can be integrated both with web and Facebook pages, and once they are up and running they feel a lot like iTunes in terms of interface and layout.

Artists who create a store in this way are also provided with full analytics and a content management system for uploading new pieces and revise already-existing ones, as well as the necessary resources for handling payments as they come right in.

If you are an independent artist, if you own a small company or even if you are a reseller then this is a platform you can but feel worthy of your time. And all the more so when taking into account Daily Digital has gone for a freemium model that means you can get started and embed your own store with a minimum of fuss. In Their Own Words

If you own or produce video, audio, images, documents, apps, or any digital content, DailyDigital allows you to quickly produce an online store to sell and deliver content to anyone, anywhere, on your terms.

Some Questions About

What payment gateways do these stores support by default? Can more be added as the user sees fit?

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