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DailyChowder.comThere are question and answer sites for just anything you could imagine right now, and while some are clearly more useful than others they all are interesting in the end. This particular site certainly falls in the “interesting and useful” category.

Named DailyChowder, the question that are asked here are meant for a male audience. For example, some of the questions that were displayed on the main page when I checked the site out included “How would you dress on your first date?” and “Which is best for a wife?”. And questions such as “What’s the best exercise that can be done with no equipment?” are likewise asked. Incidentally, I couldn’t help it but click on the one that read “How much is too much too drink?” only to find that mostly everybody agreed that “There is no such a thing as too much too drink”. Go figure.

You know the dynamics of sites such as this one by now – I won’t have to explain that questions are displayed by popularity, and that users vote them up and down. And I am sure you already know that in sites like this one the more involved you become then the more prestigious you are. There are really no surprises here – the mechanics of the site are the standard ones, and if you fit its intended audience then I guess you can but like it. In Their Own Words

“A community based question and answer site for guys. No registration required. Always 100% free.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is perfect for the public it is suited at – the topics are always interesting, and the discussions that ensue are always lively.

Some Questions About

What are the exact benefits of becoming a regular user of the site?

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