dailybuzz.MoBuzz.tv – The Mobile Vlog

dailybuzz.MoBuzz.tvMoBuzz is a news and entertainment vlog geared for the mobile crowd. The Mobuzz team has created content suited to fit the peripatetic lifestyles of today’s generation.

Specifically, their videos aren’t recasts of TV programs, rather they’ve shaped their programming to fit on a mobile screen. MoBuzz has hired their own presenters and crafted short, informative pieces on anything from the latest technology to today’s top headlines. Users can download content directly to their phone or iPod; they can search the archives for older shows, or stay tuned for new postings. Users are encouraged to submit stories that they find interesting. Watching programs is free, but if you’re keen to comment you need to register.

dailybuzz.MoBuzz.tv In Their Own Words

“Do you prefer the internet to network news? Do you generally go online to check on the latest trends and information? Are you a fan of blogs? Do you appreciate a lighthearted, even irreverent take on current events? But do you hate being tied to your computer? Then MobuzzTV may be just what’re looking for.
MobuzzTV wants to raise of the current type of vlog in two ways. Firstly, in terms of content: we aim to produce more highly structured, informative daily clips. Secondly in terms of format: while MobuzzTV is accessible online, it is specifically formatted for use on a mobile phone. While changing the concept of the vlog in these ways, it is still important to us to maintain the interactive aspect of the vlog, allowing users to comment on our programs and in that way adapt it to their tastes. MobuzzTV is creating an upscale commercial vlog for your mobile phone.”

Why dailybuzz.MoBuzz.tv It Might Be A Killer

MoBuzz is tapping the huge mobile market, which is still growing. They have a potential audience of millions. Viewers will no doubt appreciate the original content especially as it’s made for a small, mobile screen. Other vlogs simply don’t have the content for on the go users. Mobuzz has come up with captive and interesting programming that’s perfect for small screen viewing.

Some Questions About dailybuzz.MoBuzz.tv

MoBuzz is hardly a forerunner in the mobile video industry. As mobile use sky rockets, myriads of companies are giving videos a go. How will MoBuzz compete? Will it charge for more premium content?