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Dadooda.comWe can say that Dadooda stands as a new exponent of ‘content-networking’ websites. That is, Dadooda allows users to create what it terms “Personal Access Libraries”.


These are something akin to digital scrapbooks which are made up of videos, photos and music. These can be shared through the site, and people can not only share knowledge and memories but also showcase their creativity for free in a space that can be as private or public as they want.

The idea of a site like this one, then, is to enable people to communicate even more than now, letting them go beyond traditional social networking services by having a more centralized experience. Not only that, the site aims to stand as a somehow quieter spot which is free from the usual noise that characterizes social networks on the whole.

The site can be browsed unrestrictedly by visitors. In order to post anything you have to sign up first, and that process is not only simple but also inexpensive. Paid services also exist, they go by the name of maxiPAL and miniPAL and they are the ones that come with additional privacy settings and features for further organization and control. In Their Own Words

“Upload video, share photos, write articles, publish poetry.

These are just a few of the things you can do on Dadooda, the multi-media online library that’s also a showcase for your creativity.

It’s new. It’s fun. It’s serious. It’s for everyone. And no previous experience is required!

Dadooda brings a whole new dimension to sharing your digital creations. It takes you beyond social networking, beyond blogging.

It gives you a platform from which you can add your work and creativity to the rich seams of information, knowledge and entertainment instantly available to Internet users around the globe.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It provides a rich online outlet that everybody will be able to put to good use – groups, societies and families will be able to share documents, videos, sounds and images in a safe environment that can be as public or private as they wish.

Some Questions About

How much do the paid plans retail for?

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