DADI – The Next Generation Of Web Tech For Solving Real Business Problems

Ditch the piece-by-piece factory mode of assembly in favor of building and sharing more organically as you go… Build products in days instead of weeks or months…


These aren’t just fanciful thoughts. It can be done. It’s all about the data – processing it and making use of it in real time, being able to share it throughout an organization while developing.


Which is exactly what DADI wants to make possible for businesses of all sizes, by taking a fresh approach to system architecture, reinventing the technology of the web with an API-first development stack.




DADI relies on microservices that facilitate independent processes communicating with each other and machine learning to create personalized experiences.


In their own words: “DADI is unique in its approach to data: the entire platform is built to facilitate Data Driven Experiences. It enables the concept of the individual at the heart of the platform, creating real-time, person-level taxonomies of interest, and providing multiple actionable data points to enable the construction of individual-specific experiences.”


What does this mean for businesses?


Key analytics to drive decision making instead of guesswork. Never missing an opportunity to target and engage each and every one of your users. Hyper-personalizing content and offers to match the preferences of each customer. Being able to produce a minimum viable product quickly and gauge performance as you progress forward. The tools for placing content in the hands of users on mobile devices, game consoles, television, desktop, wherever they might be…


Game-changing development.


The DADI stack consists of four layers:

  1. A high-performance API layer designed to support DADA’s API-first development and the principle of COPE
  2. A web schema-less templating layer for browser-based product development
  3. A publishing layer for content within DADI API as well as other sources
  4. A content distribution network for handling real-time distribution of content


The DADI development stack is for products of all sizes and scale. Open source from end to end, it’s meant to keep infrastructure costs down and give companies greater freedom to integrate and build.


Ready to put the next generation of web tech to best use? Learn more about the DADI platform at


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