– Original Gift for a Child is a niche web development service, giving a new meaning to child’s gift providing a three custom plans for parents wanting to purchase or build a website for their children.

Packages include starter, pro, and premium options. Within selected package you chose the design “Template”, you submit your order and once the order is processed they will contact you. Then they ask you for info needed to be placed in website (Sections details, text, names etc…) Once it is done they will launch the website and give you all details. In Their Own Words

“ came with a solution, a gift that provides a value and satisfaction that last long, A Website that holds all your children interests, photos and Information. Such a website will make your child proud that he/she got something that last, something powerful enough to carry their dreams even on virtual space.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a unique idea with great purpose, providing new ways for parents to satisfy their children with a unique gift, a gift that lasts, a website. Taking in consideration the security of the developed websites whereby they ensure the security and privacy of each and every child.

Some Questions About

Will people use this kind of gifts for children? Will they pay to get this service?