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DaBeetz.comAre you an aspiring rapper having a hard time cracking into business? Or are you a producer looking for people to rap over your beats? If you answered yes to either of the last two questions, swing by where up and coming producers and rappers get together to collaborate and make music online Its possible for this collaboration to happen in virtual world without the two ever meeting in the non-virtual world.

Rappers can select a beat, record a rap, and post it on the web site and enter the weekly contest for cool prizes. The site is straight forward and easy to use, and its a great way for new talent to get exposure. In Their Own Words

About us is a unique collaboration between web designers, producers, and rappers from around the world. Right now we code the site in China, make the beats in the USA, and get feedback directly from the streets. We want to make a site that you want to use, for fun, for profit, for fame, for the joy of music and human expression.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The business model is sound, the owners of the site only really open a forum for everyone to participate in and add to while all they concentrate on getting ad revenue. This is a great resource for people who can’t afford to record songs professionally. At upwards of $60 an hour for a semi-decent recording studio, most people can’t.

Some Questions About

Right now the only way that the site is monetized is through advertisements and the only advertising is from a poker company which really doesn’t directly relate to the website at all.

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