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Cytitube.comThe result of combining Craigslist with YouTube, CytiTube is a video classifieds website that covers not only the US but also the rest of the world. Here, just anybody can list the items he has for sale or the services that he can render by uploading a video in the relevant category.

The site is really easy to navigate, although it does have quite a blocky feeling to it that should be addressed before too long. The main menu lets you pick your territory from the US and the rest of the word, and a search tab is there to let you get really specific. The search criteria that you can use includes category, keyword and search radius. And when looking anything up you are informed about the uploader and the length of the video before watching it.

I will say it again – the site does its part, but its design has some way to go. Provided that is seen to, it can become more appealing. In Their Own Words

What do you get when you cross Craigslist and YouTube?… CytiTube!

Why It Might Be A Killer

Being able to see what you are going to buy is always intrinsically attractive.

Some Questions About

How many videos are added to the site per day?