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CVParade.comWe were taught a long time ago that when sending out resumes we should always play things safe, and do not go for anything which is too fanciful or whimsical. That is true, but only to some extent. It is obvious that when applying for any of these jobs in which creativity is the main asset, being a little showy will clearly pay off. And I am also inclined to believe that a resume which stands out a little (just a little) is always a good thing when it comes to applying to traditional positions. Anything that makes a tired HR manager stop and stare when browsing through resumes that are identical layout-wise has to be a good thing.


And as far as becoming inspired and having ideas for striking resumes is concerned, then it hardly gets any better than this website. plays home to some of the better-looking resumes that have ever been created. By visiting this site you will be able to see how people who have landed jobs at renowned companies actually introduced themselves. This should give you all the ideas you could ever need to cause a better first impression, and (ultimately) move that little bit closer to achieving your professional aims. In Their Own Words

The art of the resume.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you learn how to put a resume together straight from the very best.

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Who chooses what is featured on the site?

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