– Is Your Pet Cute?

CuteThis.comCall it a rainy day app, because CuteThis is the perfect way to while away hours indoors. It’s deviously simple: on the homepage you’ll find a picture of someone’s pet, if you think it’s cute hit Yes, if not click No.

It’s not, however as easy as you’d like to think. Some animals are rather adorable, but they’re not treacle sweet; they’re not cute like Knut, nor do they deserve the same sort of attention. You see, there are certain gradations of cuteness; some animals are simply sweet, others verge on the saccharine side, while still others will send oohs and awws flying from your lips. And then there are those that wish they were half as cute as their owners proclaim they are. It’s up to you to judge what is cute and what is not. You can even submit your own pet to be scrutinized for the cuteness factor. CuteThis is also available as a Facebook app. In Their Own Words

“Every picture will be reviewed.
Pets only.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you’re in the need of some adorable, cuddly animals, CuteThis is the site for you. Although it hasn’t got tons of substance, it certainly is entertaining. It has that sort of National Geographic appeal. Animals after all, are fun to look at.

Some Questions About

Won’t this site get old fast? How are they making a profit? Will they add more features, more cute factors?