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Cuteness.comCuteness is a social networking site in which pets are the real stars of the show. Their owners can sign them up for free, and then proceed to have them rated by the rest of the Cuteness community. If they rack the biggest number of votes, then they are going to become the Pet of The Day, and be featured on the homepage for everybody else to admire.


A feature that merits a mention is the ability to challenge other pets to cute duels, and it must also be pointed out that it is possible to shop for items online, recommend the ones you like best to other users of the site, and even send them as presents to your best friends.

Other than that, profiles come with all the information that you can imagine such as age, birthday and breed. And the site also has a news feed (a la Facebook and Twitter) that showcases all that has been going on recently – who has joined, who has begun following whom… In Their Own Words

Pet community by cuteness. No humans allowed! (Unless they have treats)

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is like Facebook but only for pets, and with the ability to challenge other users to cuteness duels.

Some Questions About

Which kind of pets are more popular? And what about breeds?

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